Complex coronary Cases
CTO (Complex Coronary)
Complex prox RCA CTO Recanalization via Retrograde Approach – February 2021

56-year-old male presented with Class III unstable angina and positive stre...
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Extremely Tortuous Angulated mid LAD Diagonal Bifurcation Lesion – December 2020

Case and Plan: 75-year-old female presented with new onset CCS Class II ang...
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Staged PCI of RCA multilayer DES CTO ISR using rotational atherectomy and IVBT – November 2020

Case and Plan: 65-year old male with known long standing history of chronic...
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Unstable Complex LCx CTO Bifurcation Intervention – May 2020
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Case and Plan: 50-year-old male on HD, extensive CAD presented with progres...
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PCI of mid RCA CTO via Antegrade Recanalization – May 2018
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48 year old morbidly obese male with diabetes and ESRD on HD (pre-renal tra...
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PCI of LAD CTO-D1 Bifurcation – November 2017
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64 year old male presented with new onset CCS Class II angina and a positiv...
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PCI of RCA CTO via Antegrade Approach – August 2017
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59 year old male presented with new onset CCS Class III angina and a positi...
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Complex PCI of RCA CTO and/or LAD/D1 Lesions with Impella LV Support – July 2017
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77 year old male with known chronic systolic heart failure presented with n...
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PCI of RCA CTO via Retrograde Recanalization Technique – Sept 2016
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45 year old male presented with new onset CCS Class IV angina and lateral S...
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IVUS/OCT Guided Rotational Atherectomy and DES of CTO RCA BMS ISR – June 2016
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55 year-old female presented with CCS class III angina and positive stress ...
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Staged PCI of LAD CTO via Antegrade/Retrograde Approach – Jan 2016
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78 year-old male with long standing history of stable angina presented with...
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