Popliteal Artery CTO Intervention – March 2024

Case and Plan:

85 Year old gentleman referred for progressively worsening RLE claudication progressing over the past 6 months (Rutherford 3). Worsening symptoms despite maximal medical therapy.
PMH: HTN, Hyperlipidemia and NIDM, former smoker, obesity, poly-vascular disease (CAD s/p PCI to LAD and PAD s/p prior PTA left SFA an popliteal artery)
Medications: clopidogrel, Rosuvastatin ,Eliquis Metformin, Amlodipine, Ramipril, Cilostazol
ABI: Right 0.5 Left 0.8
Plan: Complex Intervention of CTO using Alternate Access


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