Transradial Intervention of Iliac Disease for Chronic Limb Ischemia – November 2020

Case and Plan: Patient is a 54-year-old female smoker with known PAD, s/p R...
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Complex Multilevel Intervention of CFA, SFA and AT – October 2020

Case and Plan: 80 year old female with history of diabetes, hypertension, h...
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Management of Aortoiliac Disease (CERAB Technique) – September 2020

Case and Plan: 72 year-old female with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, COPD, ...
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Case and Plan: 55 year-old-male with mutliple comorbidities, who presents w...
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Transradial Approach for CFA Intervention Involving Fem-Fem Bypass Graft – July 2020

Case and Plan: 70 year-old male with a PMHx of HTN, HLD, asthma, NIDDM, CKD...
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Chronic total occlusion (CTO) of left popliteal artery – June 2020

Case and Plan: This is a 68 F with hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and...
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Management of CLI and ALI During the COVID-19 Pandemic – May 2020

Case and Plan: Live Discussion with Q&A on “Management of CLI and AL...
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Management of PAD Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic – March 2020

COVID talk for Cardiology GRWebinar_case (002) Case and Plan: Live Discussi...
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Bilateral Calcific Aorto-Iliac Disease – February 2020
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Case and Plan: 87 year-old female with essential hypertension, who presente...
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Prior failed intervention of the Left SFA ISR, Re-attempt via Pedal Access – January 2020
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Case and Plan: 67 Male with HTN, DM, HLD and PAD (prior stent of the left S...
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Popliteal Artery CTO Intervention w/ failed prior attempt – December 2019
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Case and Plan: 68 M with Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, smoking and known hi...
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Left SFA In-stent Restenosis Intervention – Nov 27

Case and Plan: 68 year-old female with HTN, DM, hyperlipidemia and currentl...
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Left SFA CTO – Oct. 2019

68 year old female with HTN, DM, HLD who presents with life style limiting ...
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Popliteal Artery CTO Intervention for Severe Intermittent Claudication & Rest Pain – Sept 2019

Case and Plan: The patient is a 79 Male with hypertension, non-insulin depe...
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Calcified SFA CTO Lesion w/ Prior Failed Intervention – August 2019
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59-year-old male with hypertension, insulin-dependent diabetes, smoking his...
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