Complex coronary
Radial PCI of Long Complex Calcified LAD post TAVR – September 2020

Case and Plan: 78 year-old-male presented on August 7, 2020 with progressiv...
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Stent Ablation with RA of Underexpanded Multilayer DES – August 2020
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63 year-old male with known CAD, CABG x2 (1999) and multiple PCI’s to SVG...
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Imaging Guided PCI of DES CTO RCA – July 2020

57 year-old male with extensive CAD and PCI’s presented with crescend...
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IVUS Guided Orbital Atherectomy and DES of Tortuous Calcified LAD – June 2020

Case and Plan: 72-year-old male presented with rest angina and Non-STEMI, p...
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Unstable Complex LCx CTO Bifurcation Intervention – May 2020
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Case and Plan: 50-year-old male on HD, extensive CAD presented with progres...
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STEMI in the COVID Era – April 2020

Case and Plan: 43-year old male presented to ER late with anterior STEMI 40...
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Ostial LAD CTO PCI via Retrograde Approach – March 2020
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  Case and Plan: 52-year-old male with COPD and OSA presented on Janua...
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PCI of Complex LAD D1 Bifurcation with Mini-crush Technique
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Case and Plan: 84-year-old female presented with new onset CCS Class III an...
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OCT Guided Complex Intervention of LM and Long Calcified Aneurysmal LAD – January 2020
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Case and Plan: 76-year-old female presented with new onset CCS Class III an...
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Impella Assisted Protected Multivessel PCI using Rotational Atherectomy – Sept 2019

62-year-old male presented with new onset Class III angina, NIDDM and posit...
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FFR & OCT Guided Staged PCI of LAD Diagonal Bifurcation – Aug 2019
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50-year-old female with new onset Class II angina and strongly positive str...
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