Live Relay: Abiomed – March 2024

Case & Plan:

63 years, Male

Risk Factors include
Controlled Hypertension
Controlled Hyperlipidemia
Uncontrolled IRDM
SAQ-7 score: 45, Current Smoker

Presented in 1/27/2024 with AWSTEMI @OSH with hypotension and EF 30%. Cath revealed extensive 3 V CAD, pt was optimized and referred for CABG: which was declined by the family after Heart team discussion.

Pt has known low EF but no documented CAD in the past: on ACEI only. Recent echo revealed EF 30-37% with small LV thrombus and placed on warfarin.

ASA, Warfarin, Carvidolol, Atorvastatin, Empagliflozin, Furosemide, Albuterol (intolerant tp Entresto)

Cath @OSH on 1/27/2024 revealed 3 V CAD, syntax score 35, LVEF 32% and STS risk score 5.2%. IABP was placed post Cath which was removed after 48hrs. Heart team discussion considered pt very high surgical risk and recommended high risk Protected PCI.


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