TF-TAVR with the Novel 26mm Evolut FX+ – May 2024

Case and Plan:

83-year-old female presents with progressive dyspnea and angina. Past medical history is significant for CAD s/p PCI to mid LAD 2011, HFpEF, HTN, CKD, RA, COPD, IBS, hip Fx s/p surgery 1/2024, ex-smoker, and chronic anemia. TTE showed LVEF58% with severe paradoxical LFLG AS (PG/MG/AVA/PV = 44/24/0.63/3.32, DI 0.23), mild AR, and mild MR. The heart team found the patient at high risk for SAVR and recommended TF-TAVR. Now planned for TF-TAVR using a 26mm Evolut FX+ via right percutaneous femoral arterial access with Sentinel cerebral embolic protection device.


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