Subclavian Artery Intervention – November 2021

Case and Plan:
80-year-old male w/ PMH of HTN, HLD, A-Fib, former smoker, COPD, CKD-stage 2, known CAD s/p CABG x 3 on 6/2018: LIMA->LAD, SVG->Diag, SVG->OM, s/p RCA PCI on 7/23/2021. Patient continues to have chest pain on minimal exertion and intermittent dizziness. MPI suggestive of moderate anterolateral ischemia.

Medications: Asa 81, Lipitor 40, Coreg 25 mg BID, Imdur 60 mg, Colchicine, Escitalopram
Labs: Hgb/Hct 10.2/28.3, Plts 166, Cr 1.3, INR 1.3


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