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STEMI in the COVID Era – April 2020

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Case and Plan:

43-year old male presented to ER late with anterior STEMI 40 hours after the symptom onset of chest pain, cough and low grade fever. A Cardiac Cath on March 23, 2020 revealed 1 V CAD: thrombotic occlusion of proximal LAD with LVEF = 20%. Patient underwent successful intervention of proximal LAD using aspiration Thromectomy and Promus Premier DES. Subsequently patient did well and managed on GDMT. A followup echo revealed LVEF 35% and no LV apical thrombus. Patient was discharged home 3 days later. Patient was tested positive for the COVID-19 virus post PCI and likely contributed to patient’s late prevention.


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4 thoughts on “STEMI in the COVID Era – April 2020”

  1. Dr Ajay Aggarwal says:

    Did you use any bolus gp2b3a inhibitor in the stemi case with such a lot of thrombus….what’s your protocol of using gp2b in stemi

    1. Dr. Samin Sharma says:

      We have gone away from GP2b3a completely even during STEMI cases. If needed we use IV Cangrelor infusion for 4-24 hrs post PCI. Majority of these pts get Ticagrelor or Prasugrel and hence less need for additional agents. Hence at Sinai in STEMI cases we use GPI in 2% of cases and IV Cangrelor in 15-20% of cases.

  2. DR TDS DEEPAK says:


  3. DR TDS DEEPAK says:

    dr samin sharma u r titan of cardiology interventions and guide to us.Keep going man!!!

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