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Ostial LAD CTO PCI via Retrograde Approach – March 2020

Case and Plan:

52-year-old male with COPD and OSA presented on January 31, 2020 with acute hypercarbic respiratory failure requiring intubation and ruled in with peak Troponin of 12 (Type 2 MI) and acute systolic heart failure NYHA Class IV. Patient was stabilized on medical therapy and extubated. A Cardiac Cath on February 3, 2020 revealed 1 V CAD: flush long total occlusion of ostial LAD with excellent collaterals from RCA and LVEF 48%. Patient was managed medically due to multiple medical and psychiatric issues. Patient has been compliant with GDMT with CCS Class II angina. A followup stress MPI revealed large area of severe anterior wall ischemia with partial scarring. Patient is now planned for PCI of ostial LAD CTO via retrograde approach from RCA collaterals.


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12 thoughts on “Ostial LAD CTO PCI via Retrograde Approach – March 2020”

  1. Basem Enany says:

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    I can.t see the webcast

  2. Rameshwar Bishnoi says:

    regularly follow up live cases

  3. Rameshwar Bishnoi says:

    In psychiatric patient compliance of drugs remains a big challenge.Do you think post PCI in such complex case compliance makes you little worry.

  4. Shmuel Shapira MD says:

    I can not view the case

  5. anas says:

    how can i see it

  6. Ashish says:

    The file is not available

  7. Suresh Sharma says:

    I can only see the case description but no video link to the case.

  8. Tanvir Ahmad says:

    very useful



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    still no youtube video on this case?

  12. Arthur Calick says:

    Could not download archived case

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