Complex coronary cases
PCI of Distal LM Bifurcation and OM Lesions – March 2010

Case: 62-year old male with prior CABG in 2008 (LIMA to LAD, SVG to OM). Underwent cath for recurrent angina which revealed 80% distal LM bifurcation, 80% OM; normal LV function, patent LIMA to LAD and occluded SVG to OM.
Plan: PCI of distal LM bifurcation and OM Lesions

Moderator: Sameer Mehta, MD



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Imaging-Guided (LM) PCI of Prox LAD/D1 Bifurcation – June 2021
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Case and Plan: 70-year-old male presented with severe CCS Class II angina and positive stress echo for anterior and on inferoseptal ischemia. A Cardiac Cath on May 20, 2021 revealed 2 V CAD: 95% mid RCA, 80% distal RCA, 30%-50% distal LM, 80% proximal LAD/D1 bifurcation (1,1,1), normal systolic LV function and SYNTAX Score of […]

Staged PCI of Totally Occluded Extremely Tortuous RCA – May 2021
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Case and Plan: 66-year-old female presented with unstable angina and high risk positive SPECT MPI for multivessel ischemia. A Cardiac Cath on April 15, 2021 revealed 2 V CAD: totally occluded extremely tortuous distal RCA lesion with another 90% proximal RCA lesion with spontaneous dissection, 80% calcified mid LAD, LVEF = 60% and SYNTAX Score […]

IVUS Guided PCI of LAD-D1 Bifurcation using Rotational Atherectomy and 2-Stent Mini-crush Technique – March 2021 (Edited Version)
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Case & Plan: 47-year-old female with ESRD on HD, presented with CCS Class I angina and a markedly positive SPECT MPI for anterior and lateral wall ischemia. A Cardiac Cath on February 23, 2021 revealed severely calcified 1 V CAD: 90% proximal LAD and diagonal bifurcation (Medina 1,1,1), 80% mid LAD and SYNTAX Score of […]

Complex PCI of Tortuous Calcified RCA using Rotational Atherectomy with Guide Extension Catheter – April 2021
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Case and Plan 43-year-old morbidly obese male with ESRD on HD presented with new onset Class IV angina and NSTEMI (pTnI 2:1U). A Cardiac Cath on February 26, 2021 revealed 2 V CAD: multiple calcified 80-99% lesions in extremely tortuous RCA, 90% mid LAD, LVEF = 55% and SYNTAX Score of 27. Patient underwent successful […]