Live Relay: TIC – June 2022

Case & Plan:
Cath done on May 24th 2022 revealed severely calcified 3 V+ LM CAD; 90% dLM, 70% pLAD, 80% D1, 80% prox LCx, 90% OM1, multiple 90-95% lesions in RCA, LVEF 60%, LVEDP 25 mmHg and syntax score 45. CABG was recommended but declined after the Heart team discussion by CTS (frailty, BMI 19, Ht/Wt 152cm/46kg) and pt is now transferred for high risk PCI. Now planned for high risk PCI of complex LM and MV CAD with Rotational atherectomy & IVUS imaging for optimization. Impella/IABP


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