Live Relay – Heal Conclave 2021

Case & Plan:

77 year old Female with NSTEMI. Presented new onset CCS class IV angina and
+ TnI (peak 2.3U) for NSTEMI and heart failure.
Pt was initially managed medically on OMT and underwent cath revealing 3V+LM CAD. Cath on Dec 1st 2021 revealed calcified 3 V+LM bifurcation CAD: 70% calcified LM bifurcation, 80% pLAD, 70% pLCx, 100% severely calcified mRCA, Syntax score 33 and LVEF 40%. Pt was referred for CABG, but declined by the CTS due to super-obesity. Now planned for high-risk complex dLM bifurcation with Mini-Crush technique using Rotational Atherectomy and IVUS for stent optimization.


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