Peripheral cases
Laser Atherectomy + PTA of R-SFA – Jan 2013

72 y/o male patient with hx. of PAD S/P PTA/STENT of R-SFA (July 2012), HTN, HLP who was complaining of recurrent R-leg Fontaine class IIb claudication (less than 2 blocks). Peripheral angiogram showd severe R-LE ISR.
Plan: Laser Atherectomy + PTA of R-SFA



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Complex Multilevel Intervention of CFA, SFA and AT – October 2020
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Case and Plan: 80 year old female with history of diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, former smoker, PAD with prior right SFA and more recently left SFA stent placement in May 2020 (Eluvia 6.0x120mm) presenting with left sided claudication that has progressed to pain at rest.

Prior failed intervention of the Left SFA ISR, Re-attempt via Pedal Access – January 2020
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Case and Plan: 67 Male with HTN, DM, HLD and PAD (prior stent of the left SFA), who presented with life style limiting claudication (L>R). Non-invasive workup revealed in-stent re-stenosis of the prior SFA stent. A subsequent attempt to intervention was unsuccessful from the CFA, now referred for a re-attempt to intervention via pedal approach.

October 2016 Peripheral Live Case
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54 yo male with a history of diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, CAD and PVD.