Peripheral cases
Laser Atherectomy + PTA of R-SFA – Jan 2013

72 y/o male patient with hx. of PAD S/P PTA/STENT of R-SFA (July 2012), HTN, HLP who was complaining of recurrent R-leg Fontaine class IIb claudication (less than 2 blocks). Peripheral angiogram showd severe R-LE ISR.
Plan: Laser Atherectomy + PTA of R-SFA



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Prior failed intervention of the Left SFA ISR, Re-attempt via Pedal Access – January 2020
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Case and Plan: 67 Male with HTN, DM, HLD and PAD (prior stent of the left SFA), who presented with life style limiting claudication (L>R). Non-invasive workup revealed in-stent re-stenosis of the prior SFA stent. A subsequent attempt to intervention was unsuccessful from the CFA, now referred for a re-attempt to intervention via pedal approach.

October 2016 Peripheral Live Case
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54 yo male with a history of diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, CAD and PVD.

Endologix Stent Graft with Discussion of Different Techniques – July 2016
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74 y/o F with 0.5 block claudication; h/o b/l SFA stents that are patent by duplex with failed conservative therapy. CTA showed Aorta 16.42mm at the left renal. Mid aorta 6.67mm = 60% stenosis, ~6.5mm external iliac arteries and normal common femoral arteries. The device chosen to use is the Endolgix. 17F on the right, […]