Infrarenal Aortic Obstruction – December 2021

Case and Plan:
61-year-old male presents with c/o exertional bilateral hip pain for past few months. Lifestyle limiting claudication (Rutherford class II/category 4).

PMH: HTN, HLD, CAD, known PAD s/p left SFA PTA
Medications: Aspirin, Atorvastatin, Plavix, Cilostazole 100, Metoprolol
Labs: Hgb/Hct 13.2/39.3, Plts 201, INR 1.2
ABI: R 0.71 L 0.62
Arterial duplex: Suggestive of bilateral aortoiliac disease and SFA disease.
CTA: Focal near complete occlusion of the distal abdominal aorta
Abdominal aorta at celiac origin: 1.8 cm
Infrarenal aorta: 1.5 cm


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