Complex coronary Cases
Rotational Atherectomy
Impella Assisted Protected Multivessel PCI using Rotational Atherectomy – Sept 2019

62-year-old male presented with new onset Class III angina, NIDDM and posit...
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Staged PCI of Calcified Multiple Lesions of Mid and Distal LAD – Feb 2015

60 year-old male NIDDM with new onset CCS Class II angina and high risk str...
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High Risk PCI of Multiple Calcific Lesions of RCA – Feb 2014

Case: 82-year-old male with exertional dyspnea and negative stress MPI unde...
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Complex PCI of Calcified Bifurcation, Complex Lesions of LCx – Jan 2014
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52-year-old male with NIDDM presented on January 13, 2014 with new onset un...
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PCI of CTO RCA via Antegrade/Retrograde Approach – Nov 2013
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73-year-old male presented on Oct 21, 2013 with new onset Class II angina a...
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Complex PCI of RCA and LAD using Rotational Atherectomy and DES – Oct 2013
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79- year- old female with multiple CAD risk factors, prior MI and CVA prese...
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PCI of Recurrent DES ISR using Rotational Atherectomy and IVBT – May 2013
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63-year old male with prior CABG and multiple PCIs of LM and LCX presented ...
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Complex High‐risk PCI of Unprotected LM Bifurcation – Jan 2013
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68‐year‐old male with multiple CAD risk factors, CCS Class III an‐ gi...
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Staged PCI of Calcified LAD/D1 & D2 Bifurcation Lesions – August 2012
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Case: 90-year old male with CCS angina Class III, and uncontrolled hypterte...
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Staged Intervention of Calcific LAD/Diagonal Bifurcation – June 2012
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65-year old male with multiple CAD risk factors and CKD Stage IV, presented...
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Rotablator and DES of Complex Calcified Ostial and Distal RCA Lesions – Dec 2011
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86-year old female with prior DES PCI of mid LAD, presented with CCS Class ...
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