Peripheral cases
IVUS Guided Bilateral Iliac Veins Stenting – Sept 2015

42 year old male presents with bilateral lower extremity swelling for few years. His significant medical history included chronic venous insufficiency s/p bilateral great saphenous veins (GSV) ablation at outside hospital 5 years ago and later 2 years ago found to have bilateral iliac veins DVT treated with anticoagulation therapy. Physical exam showed bilateral lower extremity swelling with skin changes (CEAP – class IV). Lower extremity venous Duplex US showed bilateral external Iliac veins chronic DVT and other deep venous system were compressible without respiratory phasic variation and significant deep venous reflux. He also noted to have absent bilateral GSV’s. He underwent MRV that showed similar findings without any abdominal/pelvic pathology. Now planned for IVUS guided bilateral iliac veins stenting.



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Peripheral intervention live webcast. (31 July 2019)
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71-year-old female Patient with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and active smoking. She presents with left lower extremity claudication (Buttock, thigh and calf) Rutherford class 3. US-Doppler revealed blunted waveform over the left iliac artery. CT-angiogram revealed total occlusion of the left common iliac artery with reconstitution in the external iliac artery.

Complex AT CTO Intervention – June 2019
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74 year old female patient with HTN, HLD, DM2 (Insulin therapy), Hypothyroidism.

Management of SFA ISR CTO – May 2019
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64 year old male with PMH of NIDDM, CKD, HTN, HLD, CAD s/p CABG on 11/1/2018 at LHH (3v), PAD, s/p multiple PTAs (last being 12/19/2018), former smoker (quit 2 months ago).

Ostial SFA CTO Intervention – April 2019
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71 year old female with HTN, HLP, DM, complains of left LE claudication which progressed to resting pain (Rutherford 4).