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Critical Limb Ischemia: Total Occlusion of L Common Iliac – June 2018

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58 year old male, current smoker (1.5 packs per day), HTN and non insulin dependent diabetes. Presented with complaints of worsening left calf claudication x 1 month. Noticed rest pain requiring opioids x 15 days. Had an angiogram done at outside facility and was recommended for bypass surgery. Patient came in for second opinion and possible endovascular options. Duplex done at Mount Sinai Hospital, suggestive of low velocity monophasic flow in left CFA and area of ? significant stenosis in left distal SFA.



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One thought on “Critical Limb Ischemia: Total Occlusion of L Common Iliac – June 2018”

  1. Thayapran says:

    Question; what was the 0.014 wire that was used to cross the iliac CTO from retrograde manner ? Thank you in advance for the answer

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