Controversies in the Management of CFA Disease – December 2018


63 year old male with PMH of HTN, HLD, NIDDM, CKD, former smoker, CAD s/p recent CABG on 11/1/2018 and PAD with failed attempt at Left fem-pop bypass and who presents with b/l LE claudication, L>R, occurring at 1-2 blocks for the past month. Rt ABI=0.88/Lt ABI=0.72. Recent angiogram done showed bilateral SFA occlusions and significant left CFA and profunda femoris involvement with bilateral three vessel run off.


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Endovascular Case – November 2018

69 year old male with h/o DM, HTN, HLD, active smoker (1 ppd), with non healing left diabetic foot ulcer.

Endovascular Management of Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease – October 2018

66 year old male with PMH of HTN, HLD, NIDDM, CAD s/p 4V CABG.

Below the Knee Intervention – September 2018

76 year old male with HTN, HLD, DM who presents with R>L rest pain, who presents for PTA of BTK.

Alternate Access for Peripheral Interventions – August 2018

78 year male with prior CABG, aorto-bypass with one thrombosed limb if the graft, now presenting with left extremity pain and 1-2 block clarification.