Peripheral cases
Angiographic, IVUS and Hemodynamic Assessment of Renal Arteries – Dec 2014
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CC: 68 year old male with hypertension on three medications and findings concerning for Renal FMD on a MRA of the Abdomen
Past medical history: Chronic Diarrhea, Obesity with Lap Band, Lap Cholecystectomy, GERD, Hypertension
Medications: Amlodipine-Benzaopril, HCTZ, Metronidazole, Octreotide, Colesevelam, MVI
Social History: Ex-Smoker, No history of alcohol or drug abuse

Pertinent Physical Examination:

Vitals: 120/84, Pulse-86/min, Pulse Ox-97% on RA, RR-20/min, Temp-99.5F
Unremarkable physical examination

MRA of Abdomen: Renal FMD changes
MRA of Intracranial Vessels: No Stenosis

Angiographic, IVUS and Hemodynamic assessment of the Renal Arteries



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