complex-coronary cases
Complex Coronary

62-year-old male presented with new onset Class III angina, NIDDM and posit...
FFR & OCT Guided Staged PCI of LAD Diagonal Bifurcation – Aug 2019
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50-year-old female with new onset Class II angina and strongly positive str...
Complex Double LM and LAD Bifurcation Intervention – April 2019
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58 year old female presented with NSTEMI and CCS Class III angina on Februa...
OCT Guided Multi-Vessel PCI using Orbital Atherectomy – March 2019
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71 year old male with multiple CAD risk factors presented with NSTEMI, pneu...
Revascularization of Calcific LM Bifurcation – January 2019
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86 year old female with chronic stable angina CCS Class II and positive MPI...